Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become the most common residential siding product due to its low maintenance properties.


Vinyl installed along with foam exterior insulation material can be energy efficient.  It also resists rot and withstands many undesirable weather conditions.  But like many other materials it can certainly sustain damage from hail storms. 

The Siding of a house is just as important as the roof. It’s also the component of a house that shows the most, has a great ability to promote energy efficiency, and is the most aesthetic feature of a home.

Vinyl siding is often cracked and broken during hail storms. 

In Alberta the insurance industry has lots of experience in dealing with siding claims due to hail and wind damage. While we cannot give you insurance advice we can certainly repair any damages your home may have sustained. 

From our experience we notice that most policies provide conditions in the coverage. For example, if your roof or siding was close to reaching its life expectancy before the damage occurred, you might not receive the full replacement cost. As well, depreciation may be applied for wear and tear.

If you aren't sure whether you are protected or not, it's always best to call your insurance provider for verification. 

Contact Total Exteriors today to inspect any damages your siding or roofing has sustained due to wind or hail damage.