Doors and Windows

If you experience hail damage to your windows and doors the first thing to be aware of is to be cautious around any broken glass.

Survey the area and make sure broken glass is cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent injury. 

Make sure damaged windows and doors are secured to prevent injury and to keep the elements (and possible intruders) from entering your home.

Total Exteriors has qualified technicians who will come to your property to do an inspection of all of your windows and exterior doors damaged by a wind or hail storm. Once the inspection has been completed, we will provide an estimate of damages. 

We have lot’s of experience working with insurance companies on hail damage claims. We know the type of reports and pictures they will be looking for and will provide that to them at no extra cost to you. 

If your windows or doors have been damaged due to wind, hail, or intense winter or summer storms, Total Exterior’s can help restore, fix or replace any of these types of damaged building components. Contact us today.