Stone Work

Most of the exterior ‘stone work’ we see in Alberta is really a manufactured stone.

It is a lightweight, man-made concrete masonry product that is typically cast into random sizes in a variety of colours and finishes meant to mimic the look of quarried rock.  

Total Exteriors can handle these types of claims from start to finish.

Manufactured stone is normally applied as a masonry veneer to exterior and interior walls, columns and landscape structures. It is sometimes referred to as precast stone and simulated stone, is technically called Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer (AMSMV).  

Cultured Stone®, a name that is sometimes used generically, is actually a masonry product manufactured by Owens Corning, and is probably the most popular manufactured stone used in Alberta. 

Our Total Exteriors inspectors frequently come across manufactured stone during hail storm inspections and we know how to identify the damage, estimate and coordinate the full repair or replacement from start to finish. 

Manufactured Stone vs. Cast Stone

Manufactured stone is often referred to by many different names.  While in most instances, the various names can be used interchangeably, manufactured stone is not synonymous with cast stone. Manufactured stone is a different product entirely.  

Cast stone is a refined architectural concrete building unit whose appearance is meant to simulate quarried stone, but is generally built into a load-bearing masonry wall system.  This is a different purpose from the lightweight veneer created with manufactured stone.  

These two products are manufactured according to different standards and are intended for different applications, although they are often confused with each other. 

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