Decks and Fences

An Alberta wind or hail storm can cause a lot of damage to your exterior fence and deck.  


Even a short burst of bad weather cause major damage.  

The management team at Total Exteriors have over 30 combined years of experience working with customers and their insurance companies to replace, repair and restore fences and decks.

Porches, fences, and other parts of the home that have stained wood can sustain damage from hail. Hail can break the protective seal that stain provides. Once the seal has been broken, it is easier for water to soak into the wood at these new points of entry. Inspect your deck after a hail storm once the deck has dried for signs of discolouring, or for rough patches where the protective seal has been stripped away. The treatment to protect the wood should be easy to re-apply if necessary, and doing so could save you lots in the future.

Wood fencing may be dented or discoloured by hail. Minor dents will often disappear with time as wood fibres, compressed by the hail's impact, swell as they absorb moisture from precipitation and humidity. Discolouration from the removal of oxidation by the hail impact will typically blend in with the rest of the fence after a few months as the newly-exposed wood re-oxidizes.

Metal fences may also have oxidation removed, which will soon blend in with the rest of the fence.

Fences which have been painted may sustain damage to the paint, which will require re-painting the fence.

Vinyl fencing may be cracked or punctured, depending on its profile and the impact-energy of the hail which has hit it.

Painted surfaces can be chipped and cracked by hail. Horizontal surfaces are more likely to show damage, and so are surfaces with older paint, low-quality paint, and surfaces that were not primed before they were painted.

We know how it feels to walk outside after a major storm and see damage to your exterior decks and fencing.  Total Exteriors can help coordinate all exterior repairs to your property. Contact us today.