Tile, Clay and Shake Roofs

Every homeowner who has potentially had hail damage their property, should have an inspection after a storm, because material type alone does not dictate hail damage risk.


Clay and concrete tile roofing substrates need to be inspected after a hail storm. Many property owners don’t realize that concrete tiles can be damaged by hail.  

The most likely issues affecting clay and concrete roofing tiles, damaged by hail, are chips near the edges. 

Clay tiles are much more fragile than concrete and often will need extensive repair when they crack during intense hail storms.

Wood shakes have a nice 'bounce-back' to them. Often you will see indentations from hail shortly after the storm only to have those subside over the course of a few days or weeks. However this doesn't mean in an extreme storm that the shakes can't split or dislodge. We recommend that they be inspected by a pro for any potential damage.

Metal roofs – one of the many appeals of metal roofs is that it is one of the most hail-resistant materials in the industry. If there is hail damage, it's often only cosmetic and can often be repaired with a topical coating. But there are exceptions caused by severity of the hail storm, age and type of roof, etc.

Another  important factor for hail issues is the pitch of your roof. Steeper roof’s tend to shed hail pellets more than a lower slope roof. Typically, the lower pitch roofs  can be more affected (damaged) by hail storms.

When you can see that shingles or tiles have blown off or you can see big dents in your underlying sheathing it is pretty safe to say your roof has sustained hail damage and repairs will be necessary.  

But there are times when the damage is not easily spotted by a homeowner and it may lead to your roof being more vulnerable to failure in the future.

It's best to have a HAAG certified roofing contractor inspect your roof just in case. At Total Exteriors we not only examine the surface materials but also the underlying sheathing, flashing, gutters, fascia, and any other items that could be have been damaged in a hail storm event. 

If your roof is damaged, and you have insurance coverage, we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters while getting your property back to pre-loss condition. 

Contact us today to book your inspection appointment.