Residential Flat Roofs

We repair and install all styles and types of residential roofs, including flat roofs.


At Total Exteriors we can properly identify and recommend remediation or replacement options for all types of Flat Roofing substrates, such as:
• Asphalt shingle roofing systems
• Single-ply roofing systems
• Modified bitumen roofing systems
• Rubber roof systems
• Torch down application
• TPO roofing systems
• EPDM roofing systems
• PVC roofing systems
• Corrugated metal roofing systems
• Built-up roof systems

We are also aware of Energy Star products and various Protective roof coatings that are often applied and understand what they mean and how to deal with this.

Whether it is wind, hail or other storm damage we have seen it all and we know what to do and how to fix it. We will work with you through each step of the process after your roof has been damaged by a storm.

We are equipped to perform patch work, reattachment and replacement of roofing elements, and more. If the storm damage on your roof is severe we are also experienced to remove and replace a complete full flat roof system if necessary.

Our flat roof repair services include a full inspection of your low slope flat roof to assess the damage and then we prepare a detailed written estimate for the proposed work needed.

Why repair a roof leak?

A low slope flat roof that leaks can lead to more problems. Water can form pools or pockets of water underneath your roof’s membrane. This can cause mould and mildew growth under the roof. If repairs are ignored for long periods of time, the water pools can cause wood and other support structures to rot causing structural damage and weakening the roof. At that point an entire new roof may be required.

How to spot a roof leak

Some low slope flat roof leaks are easy to spot—just look for discolouration or wet spots. But some leaks remain hidden, doing unseen damage over a period of weeks and months. In cases such as this, we use thermal imaging to detect subsurface moisture and pinpoint exact areas of the flat roof that are in need of immediate attention.

Low slope flat roof repair

We are experienced on dealing with the following items with a flat roof: 

• Securing roof penetrations and projections such as pipes, vents and HVAC units.
• Repairing membrane conditions such as blisters, ridging, splits and punctures that can occur after years of wear and tear.
• Repairs arising from roof accessories such as skylights and expansion joints.

We understand that a new roof is not always the answer. Sometimes a patch or other repair is all that’s needed.

Total Exteriors roofing pro’s are available to repair any problems you may have with your low slope flat roof. Small leak or large—emergency or non—we handle all types of repairs. Give us a call today.