What is a “Preferred Vendor”

Insurance company’s are similar to you. They want to know who is going to repair the damages to your property. What many insurance companies have done to this goal is to implement a ‘Preferred Contractor’ program, with demanding qualifications for contractors, to ensure they can give their insureds (you) the best possible service and price.

You can also use their Preferred Contractors for routine maintenance of your property.

The Insurance company’s network of pre-screened, pre-approved contractors and vendors is to ensure that you have access to the finest repair operations in the field of emergency service and exterior repairs due to hail, wind or other unfortunate incident. 

It is great to know that your home is in the hands of professionally trained and certified personnel who are committed to properly and efficiently remediating and rebuilding your home.  

Prior to becoming a preferred contractor, a review is conducted of the contractor’s capacity as a company, and their customer service record. They also have to show that they carry the necessary insurance.

Preferred contractors are reviewed and audited on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting Insurance companies demands of high customer service level. Ultimately the choice is yours, however experience has shown there is less expense, less hassle and peace of mind when you choose one of these vendors.