Wind Damage


Wind. It can wreak havoc during any season here in Alberta. We have all witnessed the damaging power of hail and wind at one time or another.

At Total Exteriors our expertise is in repairing or replacing whatever part of your home or other building is damaged by wind or other perils. By calling us you can be assured of great workmanship. We are a credible, reliable and HAAG Certified contractor who will be around long after the damages are repaired, if needed.

Replacing a roof or other exterior property can be a time-consuming and expensive process. That's why it's important to take certain steps to prevent damage from occurring.

• Get your roof inspected by a trained professional who can identify areas that may need immediate repair.

• Replace broken and worn shingles. Consider using impact-resistant shingles, which may be more expensive at first, but are designed to resist damage from hail, saving you money in the long run.

• Remove any dead trees from around your property that could potentially fall onto your home.

Overall, it's important to remember that insurance companies cover roof and exterior property damage differently. Even the same company can vary coverage drastically by province or the age of your roof or property. Policies also differ in coverage limits, deductibles and certain exclusions. The only way to be certain of what your policy covers, is to speak with your insurance provider about the details. Total Exteriors cannot interpret your insurance coverage.

Often we are contacted by your insurance company to come out and inspect the damages and prepare an estimate of repairing it. Repairing damage’s is our area of expertise. But often we get asked questions like these below:

What we get asked all the time is "does my home insurance cover wind or hail damage to my property?" Our answer is always in two parts:

1. It depends (more on that below)
2. We are not insurance adjusters and cannot interpret your insurance policy or coverage. Only your insurance company representatives can do that.

Another question we frequently get asked is "if my property is damaged by wind or hail what will my insurance cover the cost to to repair it?"          

1. Again…it depends.
2. While hail and wind damage to your home is covered by many policies there are often some conditions. You need to discuss this with your insurance agent or broker to find out your particular coverages.

For instance, if your roof is damaged by hail, or shingles blow off in a windstorm, your insurance policy *may not pay the full cost to replace it if it was fairly close to its life expectancy. If wear and tear was partially responsible for the roof being susceptible to damage, depreciation may be applied to your settlement. Any damage that is a result of regular wear and tear is usually not covered by *insurance.

If a windstorm knocks over a tree, and it falls onto your house, your *policy will often cover the damage to your home, but usually it will not pay to remove or replace the tree. Many policies also have a *limit they will pay for such damages. Damage to radio antennae and satellite dishes are also commonly excluded if the damage is caused by wind or hail.

Manufactured or mobile type homes often will not be covered for certain types of hail damage. If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, have your insurance *provider review your coverage with you, so you know what to expect if you suffer a loss.

Home insurance wordings are not always the easiest to read or understand, so to find out exactly what you’re insured for, we highly recommend you consult your *insurance provider. We are contractors.  We can fix your property but we do not interpret insurance policy’s or coverage issues.

*NOTE: check with your insurance agent or broker to make sure. We are not insurance experts or adjusters.

To be sure you know what's covered or what's not, contact your insurance provider. Coverage will often depend on the age of your roof, the area you live in, and many other factors, so it's important to know the specifics of your policy.

This information provided above is for your convenience; it is not intended as insurance advice. The views, opinions, and advice expressed in this article are solely those of our company. Please consult your insurance carrier or agent for information regarding your policy or coverages.