Cladding and Smart Board

At Total Exteriors we have experience in dealing with all types of exterior building materials that have been damaged in hail or wind storms.

We have often been involved in claims dealing with a product called ‘Smartboard’. It is used in Alberta because it is idea for all climatic conditions providing protection from high humidity and freeze/thaw conditions.

Smartboard products offer high performance on exterior and interior wall systems. They are solid and monolithic substrates for air and vapour barriers. It is used as a sheathing and support for roofing and finishing systems as well as underlayment for ceramic tile in wet or dry areas.
Smartboard products are used in a wide variety of construction applications involving floors, kennels, stables, and any area where extra protection or reinforcement is needed.

Contact Total Exteriors today to investigate potential damages to your cladding or Smartboard from wind or hail damage. We can provide and estimate and coordinate all the details in repairing or replacing the damages on your property.