Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia

Did you know that wind and hail can potentially cause exterior damage to the Eavestrough, Fascia and Soffit parts of your building? 

People often are not aware of the fact that these components are as important in roofing as your shingles and sheathing.


Your eavestroughs/gutters main purpose is to allow the flow of rainwater and melting snow off of your roof, into the downspout and safely away from your home’s foundation. When eavestroughs and gutters are damaged in wind and hail storms it can lead to poor water drainage that can potentially  lead to a variety of more serious issues.


The soffit on your house is there to aid in proper air circulation in your attic.  Improper ventilation can lead to a series of problems, such as overheating, especially during the summer. Also, during our Alberta winters increased interior condensation may also lead to a build up of moisture within the roof. This could potentially cause serious issues with mould and the rapid deterioration of your roof.


Fascia is a board making up the ends of a roof. What tends to get damaged during hail and wind storms is the fascia trim work found behind the gutters below the roof line. Wood, vinyl and aluminum are the most common material used for fascia. It provides a nice finished look to the roof and safeguards the roofs and home interiors from weather damages.

Another important function of your Fascia boards is that it allows the gutter to drain water off the roof while assisting it from pooling around the house during rainy season. 

Damaged fascia needs to be repaired to avoid potential rotting of the underlaying wooden structure components.  Serious problems, left unprepared can even affect the rafters and other roofing material of the home. 

Total Exteriors routinely deals with repairing and/or replacing damaged eavestrough, facia and soffit components that occur during wind and hail storm events.